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"Death Note 2016" Live-Action Film's Official Title, Teaser Poster Revealed

poster image

After the countdown ended, the official website for the upcoming live-action film Death Note 2016 today updated with a teaser poster visual featuring its three main characters, also revealing its official title Death Note Light up the NEW world.

The visual introduces Masahiro Higashide as Tsukuru Mishima (investigator at the Death Note Countermeasures Headquarters Special Unit), Sousuke Ikematsu as Ryuzaki (L's righteous successor) and Masaki Suda as Yuuki Shien (cyber-terrorist) in the center, along with a silhouette of Ryuk (voiced by Shidou Nakamura again) and photos of Tatsuya Fujiwara as Light Yagami and Kenichi Matsuyama as L from the previous films. 

The sequel film is set 10 years after the first two live-action films, focusing on a battle for the new six different death notes fall to the human world. Shinsuke Sato (GANTZ, Library Wars) is attached to
direct on the screenplay by Katsunari Mano (Aibou TV drama series). Warner Brothers Japan will distribute it from October 29, 2016.

Here is the poster in full view:


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