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Okarishimasu Kanojo

(First Impressions). He decided to hire a surrogate girlfriend after being rejected.

The relationship between a young man who has been abandoned and a stunning woman who, for personal reasons, works as a girlfriend for hire at an internet business is the central theme of the romantic comedy.

Produced by the studio TMS Entertainment with general direction by Kazuomi Koga , the series promises to be a lot of fun with a charismatic design but presenting an abnormal amount of distortions.  Some of them are intended to reinforce the comedy while others create the impression of rushed and poorly finished. It's good to remember that Kanojo Okarishimasu was produced in the middle of the pandemic so some slips in the animation should happen.

As for the plot,  Kazuya Kinoshita  is a 20-year-old college student abandoned by his ex-partner, falling into tears and mild depression. However, he has his pride there and to drown his heartache decides to hire a girlfriend for hire, ironically hoping she wouldn't be so pretty.

Surprised, he starts going out with Chizuru , a beautiful young woman with perfect measures, meticulously kind demeanor and a friendly smile, not refusing to charge for the date before it even started . Realizing that he has sought the most superficial solution to his pain, Kazuya is frustrated but by then it is too late because both his grandmother and Chizuru's know each other and believe that they are really dating.

The anime is sure to become one of this summer's popular romantic comedies with beautiful design and cool comic timing. Kanojo Okarishimasu airs until September with new episodes available once a week, every Friday, being available in Brazil by official streaming in a paid or free way with advertisements, link at the end.

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