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A new image has been released for Itai no wa Lya Nano de Bougyouryoku (Bofurisecond )'s season. The second season will debut in January.

 After two and a half years of waiting, finally those interested in the adventures of the charismatic Maple are close to its return!

Set to begin in January 2023 (after a 3-month delay), the anime's 2nd season has today been given a brand new illustration highlighting the characters in the story.

The series remains in the hands of Silver Link with the same staff from 2020. Overall direction will be by Shin Ohnuma with script by Fumihiko Shimo and character design by Kazuya Hirata.

The anime covers the Yuumikan light novel that has surpassed 1.6 million copies sold in 14 published volumes (this figure includes the 6 copies of the manga).

Bofuri, as it is abbreviated, tells the story of teenager Maple who, under the influence of her friend Lisa, decides to participate in a virtual reality game called New World Online.

The game transports her to a fantasy world so compelling that Maple can feel pain if she is hit during missions. Not wishing to get hurt and having superficial knowledge of the game mechanics, she invests her skill points in defense becoming an indestructible but slow and clumsy tank.

Her friendly, cheerful and innocent personality is rewarded with loyal friends, weapons and incredible abilities that she sometimes acquires by pure luck.


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