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KanColle: Itsuka Ano Umi De will debut on November 3 and has a new teaser.


The second anime from Kantai Collection, which has been eagerly anticipated since its announcement in 2015, has now received a new trailer announcing its November 3, 2022 release date. 

 Entitled Kancolle: Itsuka Ano Um De (Kancolle: A Certain Day In That Ocean), the anime will only have 8 episodes instead of the usual 12. Reportedly studio ENGL, in charge of the production, decided to reduce the number of episodes in exchange for better visual quality.

Although seen as a 2nd season, according to doujin circle C2 Kikan (which owns rights to the franchise), the new story will have no direct connection to either the 2015 anime or the 2016 film.

The technical team will include general direction by Kazuya Miura (directed "Hataage! Kemonomichi"), script by Kensuke Tanaka (series creator) and character design by Chika Noumi.

The dub cast returns bringing the voices of Saki Fujita (the Akagi), Yume Tanibe (the Shiratsuyu/Shigure), Aya Suzaki (the Hibiki) and Yui Horie (the Mamiya).

Kantai Collection (Kancolle) is inspired by a browser game released in 2013. The plot follows the maritime conflicts between Japanese ships of World War II, converted into girls with personalities inspired by the stories of those ships.

Some believe the work influenced "Azur Lane" which got an anime in 2019/2020 by the same studio.

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