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Kin no Kuni Mizu no Kuni will arrive in Japan on January 27. The film is produced by Madhouse.

Kin no Kuni Mizu no Kuni will arrive in Japan on January 27. The film is produced by Madhouse

Announced in June this year, Kin no Kuni Mizu no Kuni (Golden Kingdom and Water Kingdom) today scheduled its release in Japanese theaters for January 27, 2023. The date therefore is an anticipation on the previous window that mentioned spring release (between April and June). Having production by Madhouse the film will cover the drama and romance manga by author Nao Iwamoto, already completed in 8 volumes.

The story will feature two antagonistic kingdoms that come into friction over any insignificant disagreement.

When yet another of the disagreements results in war God directly intervenes in the matter, commanding the leaders of each nation to choose the most beautiful of women and the most intelligent of men to marry in a union that would seal the peace.

The princess of Kingdom A and the prince of Kingdom B are chosen and decide to pretend to be a couple protecting the truce between their respective nations. As time goes by they bond and fall in love, but how will this be interpreted by the kingdoms that still rely on the feeling of rivalry?

With trailer revealed the film will have overall direction by Kotono Watanabe (she was episode director on "Chihayafuru" and "Ore Monogatari"), script by Fumi Tsubota (she wrote for some episodes of "Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san") and animation supervision by Mitsuyuki Masuhara (he directed "Kobato").

Among the voice actors Naran Bayer will be played by newcomer Kento Kabu while Sarah will be voiced by newcomer Minami Hamabe.


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