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Light novel Boushoku no Berserk surpasses 1.15 million copies sold in 7 published volumes.

Light novel Boushoku no Berserk surpasses 1.15 million copies sold in 7 published volumes.


The publishing house GCNovel, owned by Micro Magazine, confirmed in September that the light novel Boushoku no Berserk (The Barbarian of Gluttony), has passed the mark of 1,150,000 copies sold over 7 published volumes (twitter below). The result however was obtained by adding the sales of the manga that will receive the 9th volume on October 31st (the novel will get the 8th copy on the 28th).

Entirely titled Boushoku no Berserk: Ore dake Level to Iu Gainen wo Toppa suru (The Barbarian of Gluttony: I am He Who Will Break the Concept of Levels), the series tells the story of Fate, a low-ranking soldier in charge of the palace guard.

He suffers from a great inconvenience as he is always hungry due to an ability he acquired at birth. This seemingly useless power makes his life difficult but hides an important secret.

One day, after eliminating an invading thief, Fate's ability is activated, sucking out the soul, level status and abilities of the opponent. Understanding the real use of this power he will use it to build his name and rid himself of all stigma and humiliation he suffered in the past.

The novel started in 2017 written by Isshiki Ichika featuring beautiful illustrations by artist Fame. The manga, on the other hand, got its first chapter in 2018 drawn by Daisuke Takino.

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