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Light novel " Futsutsuka na Akujo Dewa Gozaimasu ga " has sold over 1 million copies in just 5 volumes.


Futsutsuka Na Akujo Dewa Gozaimasu Ga: Hinamiya Chou Nezumi Torikae Den (Though I Am An Unable Villain: The Story of the Imperial Courtesans Who Swapped Bodies), reached the 1 million copy sales mark according to the 5th volume released in early October

The light novel by author Satsuki Nakamura tells the story of an imperial court in which five princesses were selected as courtesans, but only one of them will be declared the future empress.

The young Kou Reirin, although she has a delicate body and fragile health, is admired by the others and is the emperor's favorite, being called "the butterfly of the palace".

However Shu Keigetsu, one of the courtesans of low reputation nicknamed "sewer pussy" in the corridors, is not happy and wants to steal her position.

During a party she attacks Kou and uses certain magic to switch bodies. Moments later Kou awakens in a dungeon trapped in Keigetsu's body. Having now a healthy and capable physique she will fight to regain her position even facing execution for the crime she did not commit.

The novel started in December 2020 featuring beautiful illustrations by Yuki Kana. There is also a manga version drawn by Ei Ohitsuji.


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