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Manga Kao ni Denai Kashiwada-san gets promo trailer with voice of Shiori Mikami.

Manga Kao ni Denai Kashiwada-san gets promo trailer with voice of Shiori Mikami.

Publisher Kadokawa, in partnership with Seven Arcs studio, released a promotional video for Kao ni Denai Kashiwada-san to Kao ni Deru Oota-kun (Kashiwada-san Doesn't Express Emotions and Oota-kun Can't Hide Them) earlier this week. The trailer aims to boost sales of the manga however raises expectation of future anime, as this has occurred with other recent series. Citing two examples, in 2019 the light novel "Fate/Strange Fake" received a video promoting the 6th volume and recently an OVA was announced, premiering on 31 December. Already in 2020 the manga "Dungeon Meshi" got a trailer promoting its 8th issue and now in 2022 an anime has been confirmed, with no premiere date yet.

Kao ni Denai Kashiwada-san is a teen comedy, written and illustrated by Fuyu Azuma, started in June 2018 with 8 volumes published (images at the end).

The story follows teenager Kashiwada, a girl who does not express any emotion regardless of how much she is provoked to do so. She is the exact opposite of her classmate Oota, a young girl unable to contain her own reactions, usually stamping them on her face even as she seeks to hide them at all costs.

For this reason, Kashiwada's inexpressive air makes him uncomfortable! Oota then plays all kinds of tricks on the girl, wanting to see her give any answer, even if only once! He hasn't yet realised, however, that behind this there is a growing interest in his colleague.

The trailer features Kashiwada dubbed by Shiori Mikami (the Krista from "Shingeki no Kyojin") and Oota played by Daisuke Kishio (the Teshima and "Yowamushi Pedal"). Should an anime be announced in the future it is likely, but not guaranteed, that they will play the same characters.


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