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Otonari no Tenshi-Sama releases a second trailer and confirms its Japanese winter 2019 premiere.



Itsunomanika Dame Ningen ni Sareteita Otonari no Tenshi-sama
A second video and fresh image from Ken (When Did The Angel Next Door Turn Me Into A Spoiled Little Guy), indicating a January 2023 launch, were revealed today. 

The teen novel announced 10 months ago will have animation by Project N° 9 studio, inspired by Saeki Naro's light novel that has sold over 400,000 copies in 7 volumes already released.

The story will follow student Amane Fujimiya who one cloudy day lends his umbrella to Mahiru, a girl considered "the angel" of the school for her beauty and kindness.

Although they were neighbours in the same flat, they had never spoken before. Feeling guilty about the boy's cold, Mahiru decides to help him with the housework, including washing and cooking, until he recovers.

From then on, the couple begins to talk to each other frequently and grow closer over the course of the seasons.

The series will be directed by Kenichi Imaizumi (director of "Gokukoku no Brynhildr"), script by Keiichiro Ochi (wrote for "Oregairu") and character design by Takayuki Noguchi (same role in "Hige wo Soru'").

In the dubbing Fujimiya will be played by Taito Ban (the Besshou from "Yuragisou no Yuuna-san"), Mahiru will be voiced by Manaka Iwami (the Tooru Honda from "Fruits Basket Remake"), Itsuki will be played by Taku Yashiro (the Gugu from "Fumetsu no Anata E") and Chitose will be voiced by Haruka Shiraishi (the Asirpa from "Golden Kamuy").

#お隣の天使様』 2023年1月より放送開始 放送まであと3ヶ月 皆様、彼らの甘くて焦れったい 恋の物語をお楽しみに ໒꒱新映像 ໒꒱公式HP #天使の日

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