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Trigun Stampede gets second PV and makes it even weirder. Series kicks off in January with production from Orange studio.

 Fans of the classic Trigun are gunning for the new adaptation of the series which, at least in the two trailers shown, promises to deconstruct the legacy of its original.

The new adaptation called Trigun Stampede will premiere in January 2023 with production from studio Orange (the same as "Beastars").

The animation will be computerised bringing an art style that is not pleasing, as well as a younger, emo version of the equally ill-received protagonist Vash.

According to the producers the series will have its own storyline only inspired by Yasuhiro Nightow's classic manga. At the risk of losing much of the original identity the story will follow Vash in search of the twin brother he was separated from in childhood after a tragic incident.

Trigun Stampede gets second PV The videos however do not feature the characters Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thomson, they who are important figures from the first anime (for comparison see the 1998 open in the last video below).

For those who don't know Trigun is a genuine classic of the 1990s. The manga was published between 1995 and 1997 in 3 volumes and later changed its title to "Trigun Maximum", gaining 14 more copies until its conclusion in 2007.

The Madhouse studio, which at the time was exploding in popularity with "Sakura Cardcaptor", was chosen to adapt the work into a 26-episode anime which aired in 1998. The series also got a film in 2010 entitled "Trigun - Badlands Rumble" and has remained untouched ever since.

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