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The manga My Wife is Wagatsuma-san ends on September 24.

Manga author  Yuu Kuraishi  announced on Twitter last month that the manga series  My Wife is Wagatsuma-san ( Wagatsuma-san wa Ore no Yome ) will end in this year's 43rd issue of  Kodansha 's  Weekly …
Love Live! Superstar!!! confirms production of season 3. Sequence will have the addition of new characters.

Season 2 of Love Live! Superstar!!! concludes today in Japan with its 12th episode. Without mentioning a premiere date, a production announcement confirmed the anime's 3rd season and scheduled …
Third Season of Prisma Illya Announced

This week’s 10th and final episode of the Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Zwei television series ended with an announcement that the franchise will get a third season next year. The third TV series b…

Isekai Ojisan gets a new trailer and a release date of July 6th

REVIEW Isekai Ojisan (The Uncle from Another World) is one of those animes that left viewers undecided about their feelings about it. The series features fairly far-fetched visual language that clearly…

Akane Banashi is a character from the anime series Akane Banashi

. The manga recommended by the author of One Piece has been reprinted in Japan.

REVIEW Akane Banashi (The Tales of Akane) is a manga that combines comedy and drama in the realm of Rakugo, a sort of Japanese stand-up comedy in which a single performer recounts amusing stories whil…