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Karneval's Touya Mikanagi Ends ROOT∞REXX Manga


Ishijinsha's Zero-Sum Online website published the the seventh and final chapter of Karneval manga creator Touya Mikanagi's ROOT∞REXX Honey Melody manga on Friday. Mikanagi designed the characters for the manga, while Idea Factory/Design Factory's Otomate brand provided the story. All of the manga's chapters are available to read for free on the website, but chapters 2-7 will only be available until December 10. 
The manga adapts Idea Factory's ROOT∞REXX romance adventure game for female players. The game shipped for the PlayStation Vita in Japan in January.
The story centers on the rock band REXX whose debut single became an explosive hit. The all-male group gains popularity by word of mouth and begins to gather attention around the world. But without putting out a second single, suddenly the band announces that it is going on indefinite hiatus. Before long, the band started to be called as a legend. 

cover 2

Kazune Mochizuki, a transfer student obsessed with REXX's sound, finds a demo CD one year after the group disappears from the spotlight. Could this be REXX's unpublished music?
The ROOT∞REXX project is a collaboration between Otomate, Zero-Sum, Lantis, Bandai Visual's Kiramune music label, and Kadokawa's Dengeki Girl's Style magazine. 

Mikanagi launched her fantasy action series Karneval in 2008, and Ichijinsha will release the 16th compiled book volume in Japan on October 24. Yen Press is publishing the manga in English, and it will release the third compiled volume in November. The series inspired a television anime in 2013, and Funimation released the complete series on Blu-ray Disc and DVD in North America in June 2014.

Source: ANN/ Ishijinsha

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