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A manga series with a train theme will be released.


The official website of Weekly Shonen Sunday announced on Wednesday that The World God Only Knows manga will receive a spinoff series titled "Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai On The Train" starting on September 19. The spinoff manga will appear on Shogakukan's free online manga publication Club Sunday, which is linked to the Shonen Sundaymagazine.
The World God Only Knows manga ended in the series' 26th volume, which shipped in June. The story follows dating sim master Keima Katsuragi, who wants nothing more than to immerse himself in the 2D world, chasing digital girlfriends. But when the so-called "Capturing God" answers a mysterious email from an unknown sender, Keima finds himself chasing down real-life ladies in an attempt to help the peppy demon Elsie de Lute Irma capture "lost souls" escaped from the depths of hell. Now, lest the explosive collar around his neck detonate, Keima must convince various girls to fall in love with him in order to scare out the souls hiding in their hearts.
The series inspired three anime series which streamed on Crunchyroll, and Sentai Filmworks released the first two seasons on home video in North America. The series also inspired several sequel and spin-off origninal video anime projects.

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