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Akane Banashi is a character from the anime series Akane Banashi

. The manga recommended by the author of One Piece has been reprinted in Japan.


Akane Banashi (The Tales of Akane) is a manga that combines comedy and drama in the realm of Rakugo, a sort of Japanese stand-up comedy in which a single performer recounts amusing stories while simultaneously portraying two or more characters in front of an audience.

Some performers even devote their life to what appears to be a difficult profession that rewards only the most gifted. 

The manga started last February through Shonen Jump magazine, written by Yuuki Suenaga with drawings by Takamasa Moue. The work caught the attention of Eiichiro Oda, author of "One Piece" who recommended its reading.

The 1st standalone volume was released on June 3rd and quickly sold out and was reprinted.


Akane Banashi tells the story of Akane Osaki, a girl full of personality who as a teenager admired her father Shinta, an average Rakugo artist struggling to rise through the ranks.

Despite his talent Shinta was seen as a failure by his neighbours and acquaintances, something that always made his daughter angry. During a test her father managed to perform well, but he and all the other contestants were expelled from the comedy academy without further explanation.

Akane, who witnessed everything from the audience together with her mother, saw at that moment the end of her father's career but decided that there she would start her own.

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