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In the third week of May,

the fourth volume of Mugen Gacha Level 9999

was among the most popular novels.

Mugen Gacha Level 9999

 Rakuten, a renowned online bookstore, has released its weekly list, which includes the most popular books purchased by readers between May 16 and 22. 

The 4th volume of Mugen Gacha Level 9999, written by Shisui Meikyou, came in third place in the bestseller list in the light novel category. 


Blending adventure and fantasy right into the Asian RPG style, the work actually has a super long title - read "Shinjiteita Nakama-tachi ni Dungeon Okuchi de Korosarekaketa ga Gift "Mugen Gacha" from Level 9999 no Nakama-tachi wo Te ni Irete Moto Party Member to Sekai ni Fukushuu & "Zamaa!" Shimasu!" - needing to be abbreviated.


The story takes place in a world dominated by six different races where humans are despised for having the least strength. In the supposed intention of upholding the banner of justice and equality, the Union of Races is created as a mediator between the species.

However, this organisation has a real purpose, darker and less noble than one might think. The young human Raito is accepted as one of the members because he possesses an object called "Infinite Gacha" which, according to legend, belongs to the "Master".

* Note: In Japan, "Gachas" are vending machines where the user can test their luck and get random gifts by inserting a token.

After investigation, it turns out that Raito is not the master and the Union decides to eliminate him. He narrowly escapes and meets his death when he finds a level 1000 mythical creature. Desperate, the boy presses the Infinite Gacha countless times until he gets a SUR (Super Ultra Rare) card called "Mei, The Housekeeper", materialized by a level 9999 girl.

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They'll build a village in the dungeon together until Raito returns to the surface to discover the truth and avenge himself from those who tried to eliminate him.

In May of 2021, the publisher Hobby Japan published the novel's first volume.
A manga adaptation by Yuzu Okaki is also available.

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