Mangaka (漫画家) is a Japanese word for a cartoonist or comic artist. Do you want to learn more about them? Click here for more information.


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The Day-to-Day Activities of a

Japanese Manga Artist's

Shared Home

Japanese Manga Artist's

The typical day of a Japanese mangaka, also known as a manga creator, who lives in a shared home in Tokyo, Japan. This is what it's like to be a budding manga artist living with other mangaka in the same house in Tokyo and Japan. 25-year-old Nobi resides on the outskirts of Tokyo. Now residing in this exclusive shared residence only to budding Manga artists. He shares a home with three other mangaka as part of the unique Tokiwaso scheme, which offers housing as well as assistance in advancing a manga artist's career. 

We observe his daily activities, starting with his awakening in his Japanese house in the morning, his life as a manga artist working in Japan, and his nighttime activities.
His daily routine is fairly unpredictable because he has the opportunity to choose his working hours. He may choose to devote all of his waking hours to honing his profession or take it easy and pursue other interests. 

Nobi puts in the time every day to create as many opportunities for himself as he can because, in the end, he understands that it is his personal responsibility to direct his success as a professional mangaka. 

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