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Will Chopper Finally Receive

The Bounty He Deserves in One Piece 1053

 One of the striking features of the Shonen anime One Piece is its reward system.
In order to boost the likelihood of apprehending infamous pirates, the World Government and the Marines implement a criminalized system in the anime.
The reward system was inspired by real-world pirate history, not One Piece, but Oda executes it flawlessly nonetheless.

Fans of One Piece have thus far anticipated their favorite characters' bounties following each story arc because it adds intrigue to the show. But one of the people who feels deceived by the system in terms of his true reward is Tony Tony Chopper, the Straw Hats' ship doctor. Under normal circumstances, this would be advantageous as it would conceal the character's true powers; nonetheless, One Piece fans will be excited to see Chopper's true bounty. Will Chopper finally achieve the success he deserves as the Wano arc is ready to come to an official conclusion? 

Chopper is one of the more experienced members of the Straw Hats team, and throughout the series, various characters have been saved by his medical expertise.
Despite having a reindeer-like appearance, Tony Tony Chopper consistently gets confused for a "raccoon."
This is probably a major contributing factor to his poor bounty. 

When Luffy went to Drum Island to look for a treatment for Nami's injury, Chopper joined the Straw Hats team.
The blue-nosed animal helped with Nami's recovery despite being misdiagnosed as a raccoon as usual.
Chopper brazenly rejected Nami's attempts to bring him aboard their crew after the entire saga because humans had injured the people he held dear. 

Following the death of Chopper's mentor by Luffy, the plot's antagonist, and Wapol, Chopper's perspective on people changed.
Even after gaining their trust, he was still uninspired to join the Straw Hats until he remembered Dr. Kureha's goals, which were to explore the world and advance his knowledge of medicine. 

Based on this recollection, Chopper decided to sail the Grand Line with the Straw Hats crew at that point in the story.
Chopper has proven to be an essential member of the Straw Hats thus far, and given his superior medical abilities and his significance to the Straw Hats, he merits a greater prize. 


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