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Birdie Wing

confirms a second season during the upcoming Japanese winter.

Birdie Wing will get a 2nd season in January 2023 according to an official announcement just made in Japan.

The news came along with a recap trailer and image highlighting the protagonists Eve and Aoi.

The series has "outside the box" storylines blending fiction and absurdist moves involving the world of women's golf.

The story centres on the friendly rivalry between the two characters who have opposite playing profiles. While Aoi is more technical and cultured Eve tends to be aggressive and direct in her shots, the result of a difficult past.

Season 1 ended today in the 13th episode. The sequel is to remain adapted by Bandai Namco Pictures with overall direction by Takayuki Inagaki and script by Yousuke Kuroda.

The dubbing cast features names such as Asami Seto (the Aoi), Akari Kito (the Eve), Akira Sekine (the Lily) and Minami Takahashi (the Helene).

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