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A new trailer for Hoshikuzu Telepath will debut in October.

 Hoshizuku Telepath, 星屑テレパス, Stardust Telepath

Hoshikuzu Telepath (Stellar Telepathy), which has been anticipated since its launch 11 months ago, has just released a third film with high-quality design and animation. 

On October 9, 2023, the show will debut under the direction of the medium-sized studio Gokumi, which seems to have put together a solid team for the adaptation.

The story will follow Umika Konohoshi, a shy girl who, although she has friends, feels uncomfortable, believing it would be better to have been born on another planet.

One day Umika meets Yuu Akeuchi, a girl who claims to be an alien having lost her memories when she came here.

Together with colleagues Haruno and Raimon, the latter who understands a lot about physics and mechanics, the quartet starts a school club with the aim of building a homemade rocket and communicating with someone beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

 The anime will be directed by Kaori Fujita (she directed "Endro~!"), script by Natsuko Takahashi (she wrote for "Sayonara Watashi no Cramer") and animation design/direction by Takahiro Sakai (same position in "Tonari no Kyuuketsuki- san").

In the dubbing Umika will be played by Yurie Funato (Leila from "Ore Dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon"), Yuu will be voiced by Seria Fukagawa (Touko from "Glasslip"), Haruno will be voiced by newcomer Moe Nagamuta and Raimon will be voiced by Aoki Shiki .

The anime will cover Rasuko Okuma's manga with the 4th volume scheduled for September 27th. 


#サンドリオン の歌う「天体図」を使ったエモーショナルなPV完成




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