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Animation will be produced for the manga Dungeon no Naka no Hito (Dungeon People).

The Dungeon no Naka no Hito (People Who Manage the Labyrinth) manga is getting an anime adaptation, according to a production statement made yesterday night. The news was shared on Twitter by Web Comic Action magazine, where the series is broadcast, without identifying the studio or the anticipated release date.


Containing charismatic design and characters, Sui Futami's manga began in 2020 and today received the 4th independent volume.

The story accompanies Clay, a young thieve class adventurer (thief) trained since childhood by her father who disappeared 3 years ago. Smart and agile, she enters the floors of the local dungeon in the hope of finding traces of her father. But, reaching the 9th floor, Clay faces a very strong minotaur sub-boss who ends up destroying one of the walls with his axe. At this moment she discovers that the dungeon is managed by Bellehera Langdas (Belle), a little girl who claims to be the final boss and also in charge of keeping the labyrinth in full operation. Belle then makes him a proposal: If Clay wins, he can move to the next floor, but if he loses, he must help her manage the dungeon. The manga is published by Futabasha with no sales statistics at this time. More anime details will be mentioned in future updates.

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