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Manga Trillion Game's domain registration in Japan has raised hopes for a potential anime.

 Trillion Game, トリリオンゲーム

On August 28th, GMO Internet Inc. registered the domain name "" (see documents below). This business is well-known for compiling lists of addresses that ultimately turn out to belong to manga film adaptations. Past examples include Undead Unluck (October 2023 premiere), Tenpuru (now on display), Kaijuu 8-Go (April 2024 premiere), Dungeon Meshi (January 2024 premiere), and Kaijuu 8-Go.

STILL WITHOUT OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION, the registration raises suspicions of a possible anime of the Trillion Game manga, written by Riichiro Inagaki with drawings by Ryoichi Ikegami. Inagaki is the author of "Dr. Stone" and creator of the "Eyeshield 21" series. Ikegami is known for his more adult visual trait, being the author of several works including "Sanctuary" and "Heat". Trilion Game tells the story of Gaku, a young nerd passionate about programming who is saved from a beating by Haru, a young high school student who is good at fighting and communicating and can beat anyone with his fists or his tongue. While Gaku wants to be a skilled programmer, Haru wants to make $1 trillion by having everything money can buy. Now friends, they are giving an interview to the Dragon bank, the largest financial company in the city, where the beautiful young Kirika, 20 years old, is the daughter of the owner and member of the board. Smart and quick-witted, she wants to obtain employees with unique abilities to grow her empire even further, while Gaku and Haru see their path to fortune there. The authors started the manga in 2020 with 7 volumes already published. The series won a live-action in July this year and, if the anime is true, an official announcement will occur in the future.

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