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Kanojo mo Kanojo, second season

Now he has a messy relationship with two girls beyond the expectation of new suitors joining his harem by concession.

The series adapts Hiroyuki's manga that surpassed 2 million copies sold in 16 published volumes. The author is remembered for 3 other comedies that won anime in the past: Aho Girl (2017, 12 episodes), Mangaka-san to Assistant-san (2014, 12 episodes) and Doujin Work (2007, 12 episodes).

Kanojo mo Kanojo 2 カノジョも彼女 2, Kanokano 2, Girlfriend Girlfriend Season 2  

The sequel to Kanojo mo Kanojo, which was announced 11 months ago, received a new update today announcing the anime's comeback on October 6, 2023. In place of Tezuka Production, Synergy SP studio will now be in charge of producing Season 2, with Suzuki Takaaki (who directed "Kakkou no Iinazuke") taking over directing duties.

The look unfortunately should not improve despite the reasonable popularity of Season 1.

The romantic comedy of exaggerated situations focuses on the character Naoya Mukai, a clueless young man who, against all estimates, convinces his current girlfriend Saki to share space with the character Nagisa.

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