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Over 1.6 million copies of Manga Diner have been sold. Follows a waitress at a posh mafia restaurant.

 The 19th volume of the Diner manga debuted in Japan this August, confirming that 1.6 million copies have been sold to date (see below).

The manga, which was started in 2017 by creators Yumeaki Hirayama (written) and Takanori Kawai (drawings), is full of intense situations geared toward young adults despite having comical elements.

Diner, Diner Mangá, ダイナー 

The story accompanies Kanako Ohba, a 25-year-old woman frustrated with her hard life and low salary. In yet another thoughtless decision, she looks for a job on the deep web and ends up accepting the offer of ¥$300,000.00 to be a driver for one day. Kanako however had no idea that her employers, a woman and a strange man, were planning to rob the Japanese mafia. They are chased and captured! She and the other girl are beaten and put up for auction, but since they weren't bought, they are sentenced to death.

 Moments before being buried alive Kanako claims she knows how to cook and can be useful to the mafia. Although ridiculed, she is bought by Bonbello, owner of a restaurant that only serves tough people. Kanako is already the 9th waitress hired as the previous 8 were killed due to "failures in service". The manga runs in chapters through Tonari no Young Jump magazine while standalone volumes are published by Shueisha.

Diner, Diner Mangá, ダイナー 

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