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Giji Harem publishes a summer image with the persona Rin Nanakura

In April of this year, Giji Harem (False Harem) was announced, but little was known about its development.

Without mentioning the research, the estreia janela, or the Yuu Saito ganhou anime that was based on his manga, Rin Nanakura has a new look.


Although present or design possibly used in the series, this is a conceptual illustration referring to the Japanese summer, which occurs between June 23 and September 22.

The anime will tell the story of Eiji Kitahama, a young man in the 2nd year of college, and his friend Rin Nanakura, a new year (see previous illustration below).

They are good friends and frequent the theater club. During an absent-minded conversation, Eiji makes a hilarious comment stating that he would want a female harem for himself.

Rin, who hides being in love with him, is a good actress and decides to play different female roles including a confident teenager, another tsundere, pampered and likewise, raising a false harem not of which she is the only real girl.

The technical team at the moment is unknown due to the fact that Rin will be voiced by Saori Hayami (a Yor Forger from "Spy x Family") while Eiji will be played by Nobuhiko Okamoto (or Bakugo from "Boku no Hero Academia").

Distributed by Shogakukan, the manga started in 2019 and currently has 6 printed volumes.

◥◣シチュエーションビジュアル◢◤   ˗ˏˋ 第2弾 小悪魔ちゃん ˎˊ˗ 夏真っ盛りの水着イラスト 大人っぽい雰囲気が素敵です 皆さんの夏の思い出もぜひ教えてください

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