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Rock on, Bocchi! plan to release more information in October

Thanks to the animation created by Cloverworks, Bocchi The Rock! was one of last year's triumphs and an unexpected surprise from author Aki Hamaji.   The series will celebrate its anniversary on O…
Ragna Crimson, Shangri-la Frontier, Sousou no Frieren, and other games

Ragna Crimson, an anime for which I had zero hopes and even considered giving up, but which progressed effectively at the beginning, stirring increased interest, was the one who genuinely astonished …
Naruto and Hinata review

Characters from the well-known Japanese anime and manga series "Naruto," created by Masashi Kishimoto, include Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga. The show focuses on the development of teenag…
The second promotional video for Good Night World features the closing theme.

Today, the NAZ studio unveiled a second teaser for Good Night World that focused on the Nornis-performed episode finale.   The anime adaptation of Uru Okabe's already-completed and mostly unheard-…
Gatchaman Crowds (2013)

Director: Kenji Nakamura Screenplay: Kenji Sugihara, Shinsuke Onishi and Toshiya Ono Voice Cast : Maaya Uchida (as Hajime Ichinose); Daisuke Namikawa (as Jō Hibiki); Ryota Ohsaka (as Sugune Tachibana); Aya…