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An anime adaptation of the Hoshizuku Telepath manga is coming. Four females are portrayed as they attempt to contact aliens in the story.

Rasuko Ohkumo's manga Hoshizuku Telepath (Telepathy of Stardust), which she wrote and illustrated, will be animated, according to a production statement. 

Without mentioning studio or premiere date, the announcement came alongside the first image with official tweet already up. The news also prints volume 3 of the manga which will arrive in Japan on October 27 (see at the end).

Somewhat reminiscent of the series "Koisuru Asteroid" aired in 2020 (12 episodes), Hoshizuku Telepath tells the story of Umika Konohoshi, a girl who is extremely shy to the point of not getting any friends.

This makes her think that she will never find her place on Earth, believing it is better to have been born on another planet.

One day Umika meets Yuu Akeuchi, a girl who claims to be an alien who lost her memories when she came here. Yuu also claims to be able to read people's feelings as long as she touches the forehead of whoever is near.

Together with her classmates Haruno and Raimon, the latter who understands a lot about physics and mechanics, the quartet starts a school club in order to build a rocket ship and communicate with someone beyond the Earth's atmosphere.


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